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We offer Tax Advisory Services in the Egypt to our clients by providing them proper assistance & guidance on compliance with the provisions of the Egyptian Tax Laws. Our Tax Experts coupled with industry experience advice the businesses through all the tax challenges and support them for tax compliance and progress towards a sustainable Tax strategy.

We can help you in all types of taxes and preparation of tax investigation and provide you with suitable package of our services and here are some of them:
  1. Tax audit by ETA and our Tax Agent Services
    • Tax Audit is an examination of the liability of a taxable person or entity by the Concerned Tax Authority each according to the type of Tax. Tax Audit is conducted by its authority to check whether the tax liability is paid within its due date and whether such liabilities are properly calculated as per the provisions of the relevant laws or not such as Egyptian VAT, etc.

    • Accounting Experience House as TAX experts, guide and support taxable persons and entities through our review of documents, systems and procedures, providing them with all what can be required in order to comply with the Egyptian laws of Tax in order to let the business ready to go through any Tax Audit that may take place.

    • Tax Agent is usually appointed on behalf of another person to represent him in front of the Egyptian tax authority. A tax agent takes care of the client’s tax obligations and performs various legal activities prescribed by the law.

    • AEH, as a registered tax agent, acts as a mediator between Egyptian Tax Authority and taxable persons. We represent your firm as a taxable body in front of the ETA.
    • Our tax experts make it point to continuously update themselves with the legal changes and news, so as to eliminate the possibility for their clients of  being subjected to penalty on noncompliance with the new provisions. We assist you in better planning of your taxes and in differentiating between the Dos and Don’ts.

    • A tax agent saves your time and efforts, letting you concentrate on other major areas of your business, moreover he’s capable of avoiding you errors and miscalculations of tax percentages and rates. It is always smart to go for one than taking the burden and risk on your shoulders.

    • A client doesn’t need to worry if he doesn’t have records in Arabic as our professionals will represent your tax records in Arabic language.

  2. Tax Advisory
    • Tax Consideration only becomes important once you face any unexpected losses related to taxes, yet business transactions shouldn’t have taken place before Tax planning in order to make sure you have calculated your portion of taxes the right way, so you can decrease the risk of being subjected to penalties due to miscalculations which emerge once you go through a Tax audit.

    • Our tax specialists can effectively help you avoid conflicts with Tax Authorities you may face due to improper tax planning and miscalculations, we help you settle any existing Tax conflicts and we do make sure we keep you up to date with the latest in Taxes as a whole, and also make you aware of your obligations and rights as well.

  3. Payroll tax
    • Payroll tax is a critical tax burden in any operating business, as every business is obligated to calculate and pay quarterly – yet often receive little attention. And as businesses grow at all levels payroll tax burden tend to increase, and if it’s not regularly paid, it become more complex as its due amount increases, in addition to the penalties applied on the unpaid amounts , and as a result of still giving it little attention, the triple challenge of minimizing tax errors, non-compliance risk and settling conflicts with Tax Authorities is greater than ever before and requires an innovative approach and an appropriate tax plan targeting payroll tax calculations, regular payments and payroll tax proper documentation. Optimizing payroll tax strategies is an essential factor in minimizing both the risk of conflicts taking place with Tax authorities, and the risk of facing sudden losses and liabilities.
    • We help clients of all sizes identify their current payroll tax burden status, as well as making them take advantage of the available opportunities encouraging the settlement of required previous years’ payments and conflicts.
  4. Payroll Process and Management
    • Designed to evolve with the needs of a business, AEH’s payroll services help you save time and money and streamline payroll processes to attain greater payroll accuracy across the board. We have been providing payroll services to numerous countries over decades and our client base includes some of the leading multinational companies. Leveraging latest, most intuitive technology in terms of the software and platforms employed, AEH’s payroll outsourcing solutions ensure that you stay compliant with legislation updates and IT requirements.
    • At AEH, we acutely recognize the fact that one-size-fits-all strategy doesn’t work across businesses of different sizes and shapes. That is why we have designed flexible solutions which can be scaled up or down to suit your changing business needs.


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