Our Services

Our Services

Audit & Assurance

The audit services department in Accounting experience house offers a complete range of Auditing to meet all the business needs’ of a client in this dynamic global environment.

IFRS Advisory Services

IFRS standards play a pivotal role in global financial reporting as countries across the globe are embracing them. The IFRS are reviewed periodically to ensure correct sufficient presentation of financial information

IFRS Financial Statements

Assistance for preparation of IFRS financial statements: Are you facing difficulty in preparing IFRS financials because of whatever ? is preparing them disrupting the regular activities of the accounting staff ?

Foundation Services, Investments and Legal Advice

This section is responsible for helping our clients and the new investors as well in all the legal services they may demand, moreover we offer foundation services, contracts' reviewing and modifications too.

Organizational Consultancy

Our team offers clients innovative and effective solutions in Business Strategy, they engage with clients' right from the early stages where they co-create clients’ Vision and Strategies, put in place the right structure and environment to implement the strategy and then work with client teams to achieve and implement changes.


From 1991, Value Added Tax (VAT) has come into effect in Egypt and was known as sales taxes. As a business, if you haven't planned yet for VAT, it is imperative that you should plan for the impact of VAT over your business right now. whether your business operates in Egypt or outside it , VAT is bound to impact your company inevitably.

Accounting services & Business Advisory

At AEH we are more than just accountants. We will draw up your annual accounts as well as looking at your overall financial administration. We will always provide recommendations to help you improve your accounting processes and the way you do business

Tax Services

We offer Tax Advisory Services in Egypt to our clients by providing them proper assistance & guidance to comply with the provisions of the Egyptian Tax Laws. Our Tax Experts coupled with industry experience advise the businesses through all the tax challenges and support them for tax compliance and progress towards a sustainable Tax strategy.

Business Continuity and Resilience

It’s about keeping calm and carrying on-no matter what! Today you might be an owner of a huge company that have a plenty of employees and customers who rely on your company. But, ever thought what would happen if the next day you wake up to a natural disaster or a major data breach?

Fixed and current assets’ Consultancy

It’s not easy to manage fixed and current assets. The movement of assets and additions to them should be recorded properly. Moreover many businesses face significant challenges in tracking inventory as a current asset, it’s location, quantity and condition.

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