IFRS Advisory Services

Our service philosophy

IFRS standards play a pivotal role in global financial reporting as countries across the globe are embracing them. the IFRS are reviewed periodically to ensure asufficient presentation as well as useful and relevant information transparently to users thereby bringing fundamental changes to accounting processes for financial statement preparers.
Our teams of advisors are always up-to-date on the impacts in different entities and well placed to assist you in implementing and providing expertise on the transitioning implications of these new developments in Egyptian as well as international accounting standards.
With a sound financial reporting knowledge and industry experience, our practitioners can design/engineer accounting and financial reporting processes without much hassle.

Our IFRS Advisory Services on Financial Reporting include:

  • IFRS adoption and implementation.
  • Implementation assistance with complex standards such as IFRS 9 and IFRS 15.
  • Performing GAP analysis on your systems and process.
  • Impairment testing and modeling.
  • Revenue Recognition Processes and Controls.
  • Training and knowledge transfer process.
  • Preparation and development of reporting manuals.
  • Developing a plan for sustainability.
Assistance with redrafting of IFRS accounting policies in line with changes in accounting standards or adoptions.

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