Business Continuity and Resilience

It’s about keeping calm and carrying on-no matter what!

Today you might be an owner of a huge company that havea plenty of employees and customers who rely on your company. But, ever thought what would happen if the next day you wake up to a natural disaster or a major data breach? The impact of such disruptions on your business will be more than you can imagine. You should not lose hope; you will have to rise and spring back to shape, for the sake of your company and employees.

This may not sound easy, but businesses cannot afford to stay away from the market for a long time, in today’s ultra-competitive business environment.

Why business continuity?

Contemporary scenarios have highlighted the point that businesses no matter how robust in their own domains share vulnerabilities in one form or the other.

Consider the following risk scenarios and determine how they can affect the financial position of your company and its brand image in the market:

Natural and Infrastructural disasters and failures

Loss of critical information

Denial-of-service attacks

Workforce vulnerabilities e.g. pandemic, strikes, natural disasters

Energy loss and failures

Contractual 3rd party failures

Acts of Terrorism

Technological failures

These have made the requirement of a comprehensive BCM Plan extremely important for the wellbeing of any company. Business Continuity Management Services help you overcome major disruption such as above. BCM is a framework for identifying a company’s risk of exposure to threats, both internal and external. It creates systems of prevention and recovery to tackle potential threats to a firm

The PDCA (plan–do–check–adjust) model is the fundamental building block of a business continuity management system. The PDCA process makes sure that a BC system and associated activities are reviewed and improved, on a regular basis. PDCA is all about:

Planning the required changes (plan),

Making the changes (do),

Checking whether the changes have the desired effect (check)

Adjusting the changes (act)

How can we help?

Whether you are starting from the ground up or building on top of an already existing platform or have a diversified global business continuity program, we will help you move up to the next level.

Our experience with strong organizational business continuity enables us to develop a sound business resilient platform along with our clients where critical issues can be managed and identified before they occur.

Our AEH BCM process undergoes continuous testing in real scenarios and it is constantly being updated. This has allowed us to constantly improve ourselves with the best in class

practices. The package includes detailed real field level databases, lists which are being used currently in the field.

Where can we help?

We help and support our clients’ development of a resilient operational business practice which not only helps them improve cost effectiveness but also makes sure that they are better prepared in advance for any eventuality.

At AEH, we incorporate tested formulae of Analysis, Design, Implementation and Validation running in a perpetual manner that allows us to prepare our clients in a better way to safeguard their interests.

We have developed a sound framework of business as well as new-age technological aspects which can be applied in a long term sustainable approach. The modular and flexible nature of our framework means we are extremely specific to our clients’ needs and so can better help and recommend resources of company based on its individual profile.

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